October 2014 Update

Didn't I just hit publish on September's update??

This was a busy month. And an expensive month. And a messy month.

The expensive part was mainly in that we had to have foundation work done. They had to bust up our perfectly good porch to do so. Then they drilled holes in the basement concrete - both in the floor to anchor new support walls and in the walls to pour the concrete through. The house was covered in dust. It was really bad. Then it rained. Hard. Our yard was allll torn up. I mean, so badly torn up that I went ahead and cancelled our lawn service because there was so little lawn to mow. Also, one of the forms in the basement broke and dumped concrete all over. Concrete that they had to jackhammer up. Which created more noise and dirt. Also, also, because of the rain, our septic was having a hard time keeping up. Which meant we had to get a pro out here to evaluate whether or not we need a new one (verdict: not now, but some time in the near future). Eventually, though, they did get the foundation finished, the porch, a new sidewalk, and a patio in back poured. Once that was in place we just had to replant all the plants we'd dug out (all 35ish of them) and get them covered in dirt and mulch.

Luckily (?), our garden boxes had to be ripped out to make room for the garage we'll hopefully be building soon so we were able to transport all of that good dirt to the flower beds. In a wobbly wheelbarrow. Barefoot and uphill both ways. Okay, not really, but it was hard work. All that was going on in the background.

I started off the month with a trip to my dr. in Rolla, which I posted about already. Later that week, the bestie and I went to the Holocaust museum. We've both been wanting to go, but weren't sure if it was appropriate for the kiddos. It was a nice museum and I'm glad to have gone, but I think the kids would have been mostly bored. And a bit horrified. Maybe when they're older.

On the 11th we went on a tour of the Fabulous Fox Theater with the Cub Scouts. It was so. fun. I couldn't stop taking pictures and wish we were on a private tour so I could keep taking pictures and not worry about annoying everyone or holding up the group.


[caption id="attachment_1705" align="aligncenter" width="160"]To the stage. To the stage.[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_1707" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Wurlitzer Organ The Wurlitzer Organ[/caption]

After the tour we grabbed a quick bite to eat with my dad, since we were up in his area and hadn't seen him in months. Then we rushed home to pack up so we could get out the door to spend the weekend with friends in the country. While Ben was running an errand, I started packing. While reaching for the boys' toothbrushes I noticed some water under the sink. I pulled everything out and, sure enough, there was a leak. Great. Especially since we'd already found a leak under the kitchen sink earlier! Luckily, Ben was able to get both sinks taken care of (thank goodness for a handy husband) and we were finally on our way.

Our friends, B&E have a place out in the country, just a couple hours away. It poured most of the time and Gabe ended up having some wheezing/breathing issues, so we just had a nice relaxing weekend catching up. We also got to see the world's largest rocking chair!!

[caption id="attachment_1708" align="aligncenter" width="160"]Largest Rocking Chair!! Largest Rocking Chair!![/caption]


I love America.

Back to Gabe's wheezing: it kept coming and going. Finally, it just continued to get worse and it didn't seem to matter what I did. Finally took him into the Dr. and ended up with an inhaler and steroids. Luckily, one dose of the steroid was all it took to get him breathing again. I had all these thoughts running in my head about whether or not we needed to go back on GAPS, or do allergy testing, or get him tested for one of those horrible viruses you hear about where the kid goes to bed fine and then doesn't wake up, or, or, or. He'd been having issues for 6-8 weeks, ever since he'd come down with a cold back in September, and I had a feeling that all of the construction dust was partially to blame, too, but wasn't really sure about anything. Anyway, the steroids did help and his breathing has been fine ever since - even when he caught a cold that Luke brought home from Scout camp. They were both sick just a couple days and then they were totally fine. On our follow up visit, the Dr. said that she's seen a lot of crazy virus stuff this fall and not to stress about it unless it happens again. Whew. Fine by me.

On the 25th, Ben and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. We hadn't really made plans for the day but we ended checking out a local museum, the Kemper Museum, and then at dinner at a really nice restaurant, Niche, which I loved.  We were about to chalk the museum up to a huge bore until we discovered the exhibit about American money tucked away in the basement. It was really neat and I can totally see taking the boys there. Plus, it was free! Oh, and Ben had the idea to end the evening at Bailey's Chocolate Bar which was so good! I had a thin mint martini that was amazing! Loved it!

We ended the month with a playdate with one of Gabe's friends and trick-or-treating with my sister and her family. It was so stinking cold. The boys only hit maybe 20 houses, but they had a good amount of candy so they were thrilled. I was a really bad mom and didn't get pictures of them in their costumes. Gabe was a creeper from Minecraft, and Luke went as the Dr. from Dr. Who. David Tennant.

Looking forward to November!



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