Health Update: Dr. Kessinger Visits

I've had 2 visits with this new Dr. in Rolla. I still don't have much in the way of answers, yet, but I think we're making progress. On the initial visit, we sat and went over my entire history timeline of symptoms and issues. He then asked me to email him a list of all of that along with everything I'm doing/taking. I felt like he and his assistant were very thorough.

About a week later, after the bloodwork results were back in, I was back in his office. The dr. did a great job of going over my bloodwork point by point. He explained everything and even drew pictures so I could understand what he was talking about. I wish I would have kept them, actually, because I was drowning in information by the time I got home and can't really articulate everything he told me!

The good news: I don't have anything critically wrong with me. I wasn't worried about that, but it's good to know! Also, he mentioned several times how Dr. Angie and I have been doing good work and it shows. Good to know 14 months of supplements and visits, etc, haven't been a total waste!

The bad news: my methylation cycle is worse than we thought. There's apparently another mutation somewhere along that pathway. He recommended I order the 23andme test so we can find out what's going on. One of the clues that tipped him off is that my homocystiene levels are very low. Usually MTHFR people have elevated homocysteine which puts them at risk for stroke and cardiac issues. He also said that my SAM-e is very low, but cautioned me not to supplement with it until we know what we're dealing with. I've already shipped the test back and while the estimated processing time is 3-4 weeks, I'm really hoping we know something well before that! I've read about CBS and SUOX mutations and thought it would be good to know if I have those because my diet would have to be altered (even more) if that is the case.

Gut health/food sensitivities are another issue he wants to address. He has me on the Paleo Cleanse system for the next 2 weeks. The fact that my liver is sluggish kept coming up again and again and the shakes and supplements along with avoiding all 40ish of the foods that I'm supposedly sensitive to should help that. Today marks one week on the cleanse and I'm doing okay.

Parasites are another issues he wants to look into. I've been curious about parasites, myself, ever since reading about h.pylori and how it can impact gut health. Unfortunately, the stool-sample test he recommends is darn near $400!! Thankfully, Dr. Angie can perform a more comprehensive test for just $125. I'm scheduling an appt with her today. I'm hoping we'll have time to test food allergies/sensitivities as well seeing as my last test was a year ago. I'm grateful Dr. Kessinger is willing to work with other doctors!

One last issues is my hormones, which is normal considering the state my liver is in. I'm estrogen dominant and the estrogen is being converted to testosterone. He sent me home with a supplement aimed at correcting that problem although what will really help is getting that sluggish liver up and running.

I so hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel. And soon!


  1. Oh my goodness, Jenn! I'm way behind and didn't realize you were still suffering so. I think we're long overdue for a phone date. Any afternoons good for you this week or next?

  2. The boys will be visiting Chelsea all next week. How about then? I'll be free just about all day every day!!!


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