Florida Vacation Day 1: Driving Down

We planned our Florida/Disney vacation for months, keeping it a secret from the boys. We kept going back and forth, trying to decide if it was better to tell them ahead of time, etc, but I argued that this was probably the last time we'd get away with surprising the boys with a vacation.

I'm so glad we kept it a secret.

On Friday Ben and his brother picked up the rental vehicle. Luke, of course, noticed it, but we were able to play it off. I had packed all of our bags, little by little, as they were out and about with Ben. When they went to bed on Friday I finished packing and we loaded up as much stuff as we could.

At about 3am on Saturday we crept into their room and woke them up and asked them if they wanted to go on an adventure. We lead them to the kitchen where I had a sand pail waiting for each of them filled with beach, car trip, and Disney stuff. I asked them if they could guess where we were going. They were so tired, that they couldn't think straight! We finally told them and the response was pretty dismal! They both lounged around on the couch for about 10 minutes and, as they woke up, started to get excited. One they were fully awake they were ready to go!

I had their clothes and a special breakfast ready.. We put the finishing touches on our packing and hit the road!


The drive down was really smooth! We all had plenty of things to do and snacks and drinks to keep us happy. Occasional potty breaks and gas stops were all that we stopped for. We did end up hitting some traffic after hitting FL, which was sort of killer because we were SO close and it was really late, but we did finally get to our condo.

The condo. Oh, the condo. So, so nice. There will always be people who lobby hard for staying on property, but I'm not a fan. Unless you can shell out some serious $$, the rooms are just standard hotel rooms. Absolutely nothing to write home about, imho. We were able to rent a gorgeous 3bdr, 3bath condo that was larger than our house, for the same price as staying in a super cheap hotel. Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, large balcony overlooking the golf course, gorgeous master bathroom. Everything was beautiful. And we never hit any traffic on our way to or from Disney. Perfect!



It may seem crazy to do that whole trip in one day, but we were pretty confident we could do it what with all the excitement and adrenaline coursing through our bodies. Going home, on the other hand, is a whole 'nuther story!



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