More Pieces to the Puzzle

I met with a local chiropractor last week in the hopes he'd be able to help me. He took x-rays and some scans and reviewed all of my blood work from August. He suggested I begin taking glutathione, an anti-oxidant that many people are low in (especially with MTHFR). He also showed me that my spinal cord is pushing on my brain stem. He said that type of trauma is found in people who have been in a car accident, etc, and that it's been there since I was a young child. He wanted me to sign up for a year-long treatment plan. As a chiropractor, he views the spinal cord as a fuse box and when switches are flipped it causes problems in corresponding body systems. I understood what he was saying and it makes sense, but it was expensive and he just wanted to do the chiro care for at least the first 6 weeks, then reevaluate and run tests and sometime down the road. I don't want to wait that long.

Ben resisted the idea of a 1 year plan and said I should just go to the chiropractic place he's been visiting. They are very scaled down, no x-rays, etc, but you can just go in at any time, no appt necessary, and get a quick adjustment for $20. So, starting next week, I'm going to add in weekly chiropractic visits. I also ordered some reduced glutathione and some Activated B-Complex. Up until now I've just been taking methyl-folate and methyl-b12 and adding molasses to my tea (for b vitamins). Perhaps the B-Complex will be more balanced and get me the vitamins I need. I'll see where this takes me and if I don't see improvements, I've located a recommended MTHFR-knowledgeable doctor down in Rolla. Actually, I'll probably end up seeing him eventually, anyway, just because I'm going to want my blood work done again at some point. I'll check for CBS mutation and SUOX mutation, too, at that time and see what else he recommends.

Making progress!


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