Homeschooling Post 4/8/2014

Gabe has been doing language arts via this free resource. I just printed out Unit 2 and stashed it in a notebook. Then I realized: this is probably the last unit I'll print for him because summer is just around the corner!!

Speaking of which, I'm already planning what school we'll be doing over the summer. Nothing intense, but we really do need to be doing a little something everyday. Not that the boys would ever admit it, but even they get bored without anything to do. I've mentioned Confessions of a Homeschooler in the past, but I love her stuff so much! We've already purchased the composer series, and now I'm set on buying the series on scientists and inventors. Gabe has shown a consistent love of science now for well over a year. I know he's little yet, but I really want to encourage this passion and I think this is a great way to do that.

As soon as we get home from vacation, Luke is getting signed up for music lessons and possibly swimming lessons again, too. I'd love to get them involved with the homeschool P.E. class at the local Y, but it keeps getting canceled due to low interest. I guess we'll keep trying.

All of that, along with play dates, should be plenty to keep us occupied this summer. No sense in overdoing it!


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