Starting a New Diet?

And by diet, I mean "new way of eating." :)

I think I've mentioned some of these things before, but when I saw this list, I knew I had to share it. So, so true. Most healthy diets have you take out all sugars in the beginning, just to help you break that sugar dependency. Even if you aren't cutting out sugar, most of these points are helpful! List courtesy of She did a great job!
1. Plan out Meals

2. Cook in Bulk

3. Dedicate Time to Prep Your Meals in Advance

4. Add Soups and Broths to Your Diet to Help Sustain You

5. Employ Your Slow Cooker

6. Buy in Bulk and Keep Your Fridge Stocked

7. Cook Extra and Eat it For Lunch the Next Day

8. Fight Cravings with Drinks That are Sugar Free and Free of Artificial Sugars

9. Remember Why You are Doing This. It’s important to start this with goals in mind.

10. It Will Take Time to Adjust.

10. Pick New Recipes and Make a New One Each Week. Here’s my favorites.

11. Have a plan for social gatherings.

12. Buy Produce in Season to Save Money.

13. Enlist a Friend (or spouse) to Detox with You.

14. Go Public. Use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep you honest.

15. Read Labels.

16. Take it One Day at a Time.

17. Find That One Recipe That Helps You Get Through It.

18. When In Doubt, Eat More Vegetables.

19. Fight Cravings With Activity.

20. Don’t Go Hungry! Plan snacks.

21. Don’t Give Up. We all slip up. Get back on track.

22. Ask to Bring a Favorite Dish to a Social Gathering.

23. Find a Pinterest Board to Help You Find Inspiring New Dishes.

24. Find a Forum for Useful Ideas and Support.

25. Remember to Sleep.

26. Don’t Forget: The Foods You Gave Up Weren’t Nourishing!

27. Savor Each Bite and Find the Sweetness in Real Food.

28. Stick to Your Guns When Encountering Food Pushers.

29. Look Up Menus Online Before Dining Out.

30. Be Okay with Being the Picky Customer at a Restaurant.


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