Spring Is In the Air!

My seedlings are planted, the grow light is hooked up, and we've been having the occasional 60 degree plus temps here off and on. This can only mean one thing: spring is coming! I know it comes every year and I shouldn't be surprised, but it was starting to feel like it would never get here.

We've got some modest plans for our little place. We moved the chicken coop and are going to expand the run so that we (hopefully) don't have to move it again. If the chickens have enough room, they won't be tearing everything up and making such a big stink. Our neighbor is selling us his old coop here shortly, so we'll be able to add to our flock soon!

I'm also going to do more container gardening. My mom has a couple of solid-wood shipping crates that she scored for free from work. They are long and narrow and would be great for carrots. If I can get two, I'd like to do carrots in one and lettuce in another. I'm also adding several trellises to my beds this year to help keep everything more vertical.

Of course, it's still too early do do much, but it feels good to at least have some plans!


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