Ms. Sassypants Strikes Again

Hi, my name is Jenn and I blog about my chickens.


What can I say, they're entertaining!

Ms. Sassy got out again today. And again, and again, and again. After I'd racked up a whole dollar in chicken-collaring fees to the boys, I decided to put her back in the coop myself. I carried her to the coop, gently lecturing all the way. Refilled the water, dished up more food, and threw in a chunk of hay (aka the chicken equivalent of a Gameboy). When I left for the house, she was innocently scratching around the hay with the other girls. Problem solved.

I headed back to the house, shed my wellies in the basement, dashed upstairs to give my sister a hug before walking her to the door, closed the door, turned around and saw this out on the back patio:



She's baaaack!

If that looks innocent enough, then you've yet to see the whole picture.



She was jumping into my pots and scattering the dirt everywhere. I know I should have chased her away because she'll only come back and it won't be cute when she's digging around in my freshly-planted herbs...but...the cuteness.

And she was at least nice enough to leave me this:



So, I guess we're even.


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