2/29/14 Homeschool Post

Not very exciting, I know. I just want to start posting more about what we're doing for school and it's way too much trouble trying to come up with a catchy title each and every time! :)

Winter has been long. Really long. After two years of mild winters, this winter has packed quite the punch. One of the many blessings of homeschooling is that our kids won't be stuck in school in JUNE like so many of their peers. The downside? Being solely responsible for entertaining them...all...the...time.

I'm not a fan of Roseart, but I found these art kits on clearance at Target a while back and tucked them away for a raining (wintery) day. For $2.50, it can't be beat! Both boys enjoyed the sand art. It kept them occupied for a good hour and wasn't too bad to clean up.



Luke always enjoys working with clay so he made this little bird. Googly eyes make everything better.



Here's the kit:



It also includes markers and coloring pages, origami paper and instructions, a mosaic art project, and a pompom art project. Not bad for under $3!

We've also been learning about mountain regions. Gabe is doing History and Geography with Luke now and it's going so well that I'm kicking myself for not doing that from the beginning. Oh well, I'll know for next year. Anyway, here's the books we got from the library:



I have been using the library this year like never before. I love it. We go at least once a week and I love that I can almost always find something that works with our curriculum. It's freed me up to let go of the mountains of kid books I have, too, because I know the library is just a short car ride away.

In other news, Luke has been loving the Harry Potter series. He started reading them a week ago and is already on book 3! Up until now, he would stick to books like Captain Underpants and Big Nate. I knew he would do just fine with more mature books because he has to read a chapter of classic kid's lit every day and he does fine, but he would never choose something like that on his own. I think the HP series is helping him to bridge that gap!


  1. Mountain regions, you say? If only I could think of an excellent field trip to suggest... Hmmm... ;)

  2. Hahahaha!! I know!! I SO badly want to visit you guys in the near future. I think the boys would love the area and I KNOW they'd love to hang out with your kiddos again!


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