Valentine's Day 2014

We never have done anything big or fancy for Valentine's Day, but I still like to celebrate a little! This year was no exception. We had a simple dinner of pizza, but dessert was a snazzy affair. Ben's mom joined in, too. The boys had fun picking out chocolate for her.



We had homemade ice cream, gluten free cupcakes from Trader Joe's, and some chocolate. The boys and I made or printed Valentine's Day cards. LOTR, Dr. Who, and Superhero, of course.

Ben bought me these earrings:

Years ago, he surprised me with a necklace with three silver hearts on it. The hearts look exactly like the hearts above. The necklace quickly became a favorite and I started telling the boys that each heart represented one of my three loves: Ben, Luke, and Gabe. They loved that and mention it whenever I wear the necklace. I love it that I have earrings to match!

We also gave the boys a few Star Wars Angry Birds plush toys that we'd found on clearance at B&N. They already had the Luke Skywalker plush so finding a Darth Vader, Leia, and Storm Trooper was perfect!

It was a fun evening that we all enjoyed and look forward to celebrating again next year!




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