Let the Light In

I haven't posted much lately about my adrenal/thyroid/liver schtuff, so here's a little update:

I took it upon myself to start light therapy after reading this book. This lightbox had good reviews and didn't break the bank so I went ahead and ordered it. I've been using it for a little over a week and I really do think it's helping me. It's been slow and steady, but I'm waking up just a tad bit earlier every day and can get up a bit easier. I definitely feel tired by bedtime and cannot make it past 10:30. I'm excited to see if I continue to see more improvements over time.

Exercise is another tricky area with adrenal fatigue. Some sources say don't exercise at all. Some say exercise can be beneficial to those with af, but only gentle exercise such as mild yoga or walking. Some sources say that walking can actually increase cortisal production (?) and that surge or burst training is best. Well, I have tried no exercise and did not feel better or lose weight. I tried walking and did not feel better or lose weight. So now I'm moving on to surge training. There are several chiros on youtube who talk about what surge/burst training is. Dr. Mercola's preferred exercise regimen is very similar/the same. I believe he calls it "high intensity interval training."

So what is it? You start out doing 30 seconds of very intense exercise; mountain climbers, burbees, etc, and then you rest for 30 seconds. repeat this cycle 3 times, rest a full minute, and then repeat the entire cycle. Do this workout every other day. Sounds simple enough. I did my 4th workout today and was happy to see that I did well and felt a little stronger. Be sure to change up your exercises and up the workout time and recovery time, being sure not to go longer than 60 seconds per exercise.

I also decided to start taking a vitamin C supplement. Several resources cite vitamin c as crucial to adrenal support and my naturopath has said many times that I'm low. Since I can't seem to get enough via food alone, I decided to supplement. We'll see how that goes!

My next visit is in early March and I'm looking forward to seeing what the test results say!



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