Winter Coziness

The forecast is calling for 10-12 inches of snow, starting tonight! With that in mind, we attended the early evening Saturday service at church.

With being snowbound on my mind, I made gluten-free chicken and dumplings using this dumpling recipe (and the same flour) found on Cara Quilts. I used my own "recipe" for the soup. That is to say, I threw a bunch of stuff in the pot and poured in two mason jars of homemade chicken stock. It turned out really well!



(the broccoli wasn't in the soup, I just made up some veggies for the side and then ended up adding them to my soup because they taste better that way.)

We also played a few rounds of 7 Wonders. It's not hard to learn and the play time is relatively short, you know, for a Euro game.

So between food, toilet paper, board games, coffee, tea, and family right next door, we are ready for the snow! Bring it on!


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