Snow Day

It's beautiful out. I'll bet we did get that 10 inches of snow they promised! The weatherman totally called this one.

No, I don't have pictures. Maybe tomorrow! I was exhausted just feeding the chickens and my hands were so cold I abandoned all thoughts of pictures and hunkered down inside.

We had coconut flour pumpkin muffins for breakfast, leftover chicken and dumplings for lunch, and breakfast-for-dinner for...well, dinner:


When we were at Costco last week I wandered into the wrong frozen food aisle and saw that they now carry Udi's Gluten Free Bread! This is a big deal for us! I only allow the boys to have one piece a day, but that one piece makes the whole gluten-free thing so much easier on them and makes lunch so, SO much easier on me. And it adds up fast $-wise. This is a great deal. I bought two loafs. Hence the french toast for dinner. I mean, how else would I use up all the eggs and milk we have? :)

I cleaned out and reorganized a couple of kitchen cabinets and played a few rounds of 7 Wonders with Karen and Tim. We wrapped up the evening by watching The Amazing Spiderman with the boys.

Speaking of the boys, they actually braved the cold and went out twice! Tim went with them the second time and took them all the way out back to the creek. They were exhausted when they got back, but they had fun and I'm sure made some good memories. I'm hearing that just about everything is shut down so I highly anticipate Ben working from home tomorrow. The blessings of technology. The boys are bummed that they have to "go back to school" but we did have a 2 week break and I think we could use some more structure to our days again anyway! Plus, we are thisssss close to finishing off The Last Battle, the final installment of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe series. I'm excited to see how it ends.


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