We have the cheapest of cheap blinds on every window of our house. I strongly dislike them, but nice window treatments can be pricey and at least the blinds work.

Until recently. Well, if 3 months ago counts as "recently." Let's pretend it does.

I pinned this no-sew roman shade tutorial forever ago and was itching to try it out. Low and behold, the blinds in our bedroom ended up breaking and, as luck would have it, it was the ladder cord that broke (which you don't need for this project). So what did I do? I jumped right in.

Except I didn't. I let 3 months go by. I didn't even bother removing the blinds during that time even though they didn't provide any privacy at all. It really gave the house that whole coveted crack-house look. Lovely.

Anywho, I finally worked up the courage to try the tutorial and was surprised at how easy it was.

As usual, I forgot to take a before picture of the blinds in the window, but I did take a picture of the blinds lying on the kitchen floor:



You know, just in case you haven't seen blinds before. ;)

I used some fabric I already had on hand. It ended up being too thin so I added another layer onto the back. All said and done it took me about 3 hours. Not too shabby when you figure it didn't cost me a dime!

The one thing I did differently? I used hot glue in addition to the fabric glue. The fabric glue was used on the hems and the hot glue was used to secure the slats to the fabric and was used to secure the fabric to the top of the blinds and to the bottom bar. It worked quickly and has held up well thus far.

Here they are in the bedroom:



The shade raises and lowers just fine and blocks the light really well. A little too well. Thank goodness we don't often need to get up early around here!

If you have any cheap/old blinds that you hate to throw out but are tired of looking at, I highly recommend this project!


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