New Year's Resolutions 2014

I tend to shy away from New Year's Resolutions. Not because I don't think they're a good idea - I do - it's just that I have a tendency to overdo it and make 30 resolutions, not be able to keep most (or any) of them, and then feel like a failure. I guess you could say that my first resolution is to not let my type-A personality get the better of me. Aaaand done.

Just kidding. I probably should stop there. But I'm not going to. See what I mean?!

Resolution #1: Do what I want because I wanna.

Okay, not really (old, old Southpark line right there...before it got nasty) Basically, I have to relearn to take care of myself. Not to be indulgent or selfish, but to give my body the care it requires right now. I have to get into bed every night around 10:30 and sleep until I feel like waking up. I need to ban all junk food that my junk-food-lovin' husband loves to bring in. I have to make getting in a 60-minute walk every day a priority. I need to take all of my supplements every day. I need to keep up with the NP; every six week appts, no exceptions. I need to let my husband know what I'm going through and ask him for help.

Resolution #2: Blog more. 

I used to blog because I enjoyed blogging. I've been journaling since I was 11, but started blogging when Luke was born so I could keep family and friends updated. The journaling stopped. Then I started journaling again and blogging fell by the wayside. Since the fall I've been journaling less "normal day-to-day" stuff and have been journaling my prayers. Hence the desire to blog more. I enjoy writing just for the sake of writing and I think that meshes well with resolution number 1.


Resolution #3: Fly

No, I'm not getting my pilot's license. I want to get back into cleaning the house using the Flylady zones. If you are looking at flylady's website, there is a TON TON TON of information. And a lot of it is good, don't get me wrong, but it's just more involved that I like. I found that I really like her zone method, though. You divide your house into zones and each week is a different zone. You hit every zone every month. There are special challenges for every day. Or, you can just pick an area that you want to dig into. So, for instance, this week is the kitchen. On day 1 you may focus on the fridge: cleaning it out, wiping down the front, top and sides, clearing clutter off of the front, etc. On day two you may wipe down the outside and inside of the oven and dishwasher. On day three you may clean out all of the top cabinets. And so on and so forth. I love this method because it keeps me on track and keeps me from trying to do too much at once. And, it may sound daunting, but I promise you, when you are hitting every single room like this every month, it gets to the point where there's really not much to do because it's not something you are let piling up and then dealing with once a year. This resolution may sound like it conflicts with number 1, but I promise it doesn't. I have learned that it's actually less work to keep a house clean than it is to let it go and then clean it, let it go and then clean it. Promise!


Resolution #4: Be nice to my family.

I love my husband and children more than anything. I need to act like it. Period.


Resolution #5: Continue to worship and adore Him.

I've been a believer since I was 4. I have done a lot of spiritual stuff since then. Going to church, praying, helping others. And I did it to the best of my abilities and with the best of intentions. But something happened this past year and I'm not sure exactly what or exactly when, but Jesus became real to me. Not history-book-real, or celebrity-in-a-magazine real, but real real. As in, I spend time just singing to him and praising him and I know that he's here. Not there but here. It was a subtle but profound shift and it's really changed my heart and my perspective on a lot of things. And I know that Christian growth and service are important but right now? Right now I just want to spend time with him. That's it. I want to worship him and praise him and listen to him and then let everything else flow out of that as he molds me and changes me.

So, there ya have it! My one resolution somehow turned into several, but they are all things that won't be perfected in one year's time, anyway. What is that saying? "There's no shortcuts to anywhere that's worth going." ?? Something like that. So, no short cuts or unrealistic deadlines, just goals to work toward, one foot after another.


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