Moving Forward

It's official; the papers have been signed, the customers are informed, and now I can share our exciting news.

Ben sold his business!

It was acquired by by a local business owner that Ben and his business partner have been working with for a couple of years now. They've been discussing a possible merger/acquisition for a while now and it's finally all legal and falling into place. Ben is a VP and will work with the other company for at least five years. We're most excited about the fact that Ben will now be able to focus more on the things he enjoys doing and are a part of his skill set instead of being spread so thin. The only unknown is that we're not sure how things will go with his salary. He's making the same amount, but taxes are different so we aren't sure how much we'll actually be bringing home each month. Gulp. But, onward and upward! Excited to see how this all pans out!



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