Master Bedroom Closet Redo

I love closets.

I would LOVE to have a closet like this:


Wow. So gorgeous. Unfortunately, that's just not going to happen in our little house. We don't even have the regular walk-in closet that many master bedrooms boast these days. Instead, we have shallow, side-by-side reach-in closets. I guess I should be grateful we each get our own instead of sharing like we did in our very first home!

This past week the zone was the master bedroom. I took the opportunity to clean out both closets and reorganize Ben's so it looks like this:



All of his clothes are in the closet. Socks, underwear, everything. It's actually really convenient! I divided his shirts up - casual shirts starting on the left and then moving up from there. A pants hanger is in each section; jeans by the casual shirts, Dockers in with the business casual, and dress pants tucked in with dress shirts and jackets.

I wish I would have taken a picture of all of the t-shirts I have away. A laundry basket full. And that's not even counting the shirts that ended up in the trash!

And, oh, the huge pile of Cogent shirts that I weeded out of the closet. It was like a business scrapbook in t-shirt form. I couldn't help feeling a bit sad. I saved three of the polos. Not sure why. I just wasn't ready to let them all go. Those shirts represent 16 years of our lives!

Oh, the cubbies used in the closet came from Michael's. I snagged then during a 50% off sale years ago. They're still painted the colors of Luke's first big boy room. I'll repaint them when it warms up, but they work fine for now. They had been just sitting, sad and neglected, in the basement ever since we moved in. I'm so happy to put them to use again.

Getting all of this done means that we're able to eliminate one dresser in our bedroom. We'll be taking that back to my mom and then we have plans for the space it frees up! Can't wait!!


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