2014 Health Update #1

Yesterday was my follow-up with Angie, the naturopathic Dr. She retested me and showed improvement in all areas but one: my liver. She said that my thyroid and adrenals still need help, but at least they are responding and showing some improvement.  She explained how she's very reluctant to prescribe Armour or other thyroid meds unless it's absolutely necessary. She said she would much rather make sure that my thyroid has all of the "ingredients" it needs to work well. My blood tests clearly show that I am very low in several of these "ingredients", zinc being one of them.

Her recommendations for the next two months:

1. Trimin every day

2. Broage Oil, 3 caps every day

3. Iodine

4. Dandelion tea, 2 cps per day

5. Special formula to help liver and decrease the itching I'm plagued with lately.

She also recommended I continue with the methyl-folate, methyl-b12, and vitamin D3, but hopes that once I'm healthy I won't have to continue those.

In addition to all of that she also said I would benefit from dry brushing and regular detox baths.

Luckily I had several of these items and the rest I was able to get from her on the spot so I can get started asap. Looking forward to good health!


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