Light of the World, King Jesus

I know it's not a Christmas song...but then again, aren't all worship songs Christmas songs? Aren't most Christmas songs worship?

The Lord is showing me again and again, that when my eyes are fixed on him I'm safe. Safe from disappointment and hurt. There's no such thing as a bad Christmas for those who are focused on him and what he did all those years ago. It's not possible. When our worldly expectations take over then - beware - disappointment is a breath away. But by staying close to him we will only find reasons to worship.
Giver of creation, bringer of salvation
Word of God, eternal life
Praise the Son of God
Promised One of Heaven
To bring us to your Kingdom
Rescued us from darkness
Praise the Son of God

Jesus, light of the world
Shine on us, shine on us
Word of life, spoken for love
Breathe on us, breathe on us
Light of the world, King Jesus

Darkness will obey your voice
Weakness will in you rejoice
You have bound the broken heart
Praise the Son of God
You have shown your father's heart
And to us you will impart
The holiness of all you are
Praise the Son of God


Shine, breathe, live through us (4x)

(chorus 2x)

God's beating heart, live through us (3x)
Light of the world, King Jesus
King Jesus, shine on us, shine on us

Light of the World by Watermark. Click on the link and spend a few minutes worshiping.

I pray the Light of the World would be real to you today - and every day. Not just the flash and the phony, but the real light, joy, and peace of Christmas. May it be so deeply embedded in you that nothing would be able to take your focus off of Him. Not for very long anyway. ;)

Merry Christmas!


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