Dr. Angie Update

I had a great follow-up with Dr. Angie, the naturopath, today. She told me to keep taking a couple supplements until I'm out of them and then she wants me to switch to a couple of other supplements for 60 days. In addition to that, she encouraged me to keep taking a whole foods vitamin, digestive enzymes with every meal, and my homemade probiotic foods. She also told me that my adrenals may very well need support for a long time. She retested me and said that I've made great progress in all of the areas I was having issues in. Yay!

I asked her opinion about not exercising. I've read so much info that says that people with adrenal fatigue should not exercise because it can keep them from healing. She strongly encouraged me to continue exercising because it can also relieve stress and release endorphins. Good point. Also, while I exercise regularly, it's not like I'm exercising for hours upon hours a day or anything extremely strenuous.

When I asked her what I could do to lose weight in time for my sister's wedding, she suggested a meal replacement shake. Normally, I do not like gimmicky stuff like that. I prefer real, whole foods. However, after close to a year on GAPS and holding steady, I'm ready to try something new. If it doesn't work or I start feeling badly I can always stop.

So my plan now is to continue taking my supplements, to alternate my 30-Day Shred workouts with high-intensity interval training, to continue to get good sleep, to give up all coffee (even decaf), and use 1 meal replacement shake per day. We'll see where that takes me!


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