Weekly Update: Playdate and IKEA

Monday was President's Day which meant our friends were off of school. It was good to have them over and play for a bit. I let the boys take the rest of the day off for a much-needed break.

The rest of the week was pretty normal except a flurry of preparing for our IKEA trip. Oh, and the snow storm that hit on Tuesday. The boys were thrilled.

I dropped the boys off at my mom's on Friday evening. They were super excited as was I. Our friends, B&E, made it to our house later that night. We stayed up waaaay too late, chatting and catching up, before we finally called it a night.

Before we could leave for Chicago, on Saturday, we had to track down a tire to replace the one that B&E had blown the night before. We loaded up, grabbed a hot breakfast, and then headed to Costco. Then Dobb's. Then, finally, Sam's Club, before we could find the right tire. That was fine with me because we don't have a Sam's membership. It was fun to browse. I found the gel pens I like...in a 20 pack. All kinds of different colors. And some notepads. And some new slippers. It's the little things. We finally got on the road and made pretty good time. We listened to an audio book, Divergent, for the entire trip. That certainly helped the time fly by. We reached Schaumberg, checked into our hotel, and then headed over to the Melting Pot for dinner. Oooh, I haven't been that stuffed in a long time. So. Good.

Sunday was the day. We packed up, checked out, and then headed over to IKEA. They begin serving breakfast prior to the store opening so we grabbed a quick bite there. Then we started shopping. Oh, the shopping. We ended up buying a bed, two night stands, a shoe cabinet, a bench, a duvet cover, new sheets for the boys, a new pillow for Ben, some stuff for Ben's office, a few misc things, and two stuffed dogs for the boys. Of course, we took a lunch break in there, too. After checking out we made one quick stop and headed home. Between dinner, bathroom breaks, and the audio book to entertain us, it seemed like we got home in a flash. It was over before it began, almost!

Since the boys were already in bed, I had to wait until morning to love on them. They had lots of stuff to tell us and they LOVED their new stuffed animals.

Can't wait to show off some of the new goodies we got!



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