Show and Tell: Furry Friends

Like most kids, my boys like a lot of things. When they are given something - anything - new, their faces light up and they are in love. For a couple of days. Once those new toys have lost their gloss they're forgotten and end up taking up space. For some things, though, their love has endured. Legos are easily their number one, go-to toy. They have tons of them. Tons. And they play with them nearly every day. Stuffed animals are number two on their list. They have a good many of those, as well. When we went to IKEA we promised them we'd bring something back. I hoped to avoid bringing any more animals into the house, and I really did try, but all of the other stuff was too young for them (sniff!) so stuffed animals it was. And they were thrilled.

I decided to interview them about their new furry friends.


[caption id="attachment_1095" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Best Friends[/caption]

Who's your friend? "Goldy. She's 2 years old."

Can you tell me about her? "She likes pork. Meat, ribs, ice cream. Her favorite is Rocky Road. I keep telling her not to play with her food. Her favorite place is Florida. She likes to play in the waves."

Does she have a family? (stares at me like I'm stupid) "Uh, no. We're her family."

What are some of her favorite things? "She likes to do tricks like jumping back flips. All gymnastics, really. X-box. She's always the pink knight in Castle Crashers because, well, she's a girl. Her favorite color is gold, of course. And her favorite song is Gangham Style. "

Where does she sleep? " On my bed. Next to me."

Is she potty trained? "Oh yes.....she knows exactly where the potty is."

Anything else we should know? She has a lot of friends. Cutie is her best friend. So is Stripe, Lick, the rats....really all the animals.

Then he insisted on a funny face picture:

[caption id="attachment_1094" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Luke and Goldy[/caption]

Then it was Gabe's turn.

Who's your friend? "This is Cutie. He's a boy and he's 10."

What's he like? He likes....sausage. That's probably his number one. So, one is sausage, two is bacon, three is ribs, 4th is cow meat, 5th is chicken...least favorite is goat meat. He likes coffee. Loves sugar. His friends are Goldy and all the other animals."

What else?  "Hmmm, he does tricks. He knows the times tables...pluses...any math thing. He can double jump, jump on walls. He's invisible under the cover of darkness. He's being trained in fighting and is potty trained. He likes to go to space, make blueprints, build stuff, and play xbox. Oh, his favorite color is blue and he's always the ice thief in Castle Crashers.

[caption id="attachment_1097" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Two Cuties[/caption]


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