Hello, Mr. Snowman!

It's actually felt like winter here lately. Which is nice. I always feel badly for wishing for snow. I know it's a nuisance a best and deadly at it's worst. But I love it. Love it. The boys are finally old enough to really enjoy playing out in it. Before now, they would go out for 20 minutes and then want to head back inside. This year they've been suiting up and going out for long periods. They've gone sledding, lobbed snowballs at each other, and sprayed homemade paint into the snow to liven things up.

We didn't get around to it last time, but this week we had a perfect wet snow for making a snowman.


Gabe came to the back door and said, "I need a hat, a carrot, and five buttons!" They needed my help, too, so I went out and showed them how to roll the snowballs. All in all, we made pretty quick work of him. Gabe is thrilled and even now peeks out the window several times a day just to make sure he's still there. :)


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