Oil Cleansing Method

I've battled acne since puberty. It's been a constant battle of one cleanser/routine after another for over 15 years. I've tried Mary Kay, Proactive, Proactive knock-off from Costco, Avon Clearskin Professional, and nameless other brands commonly found in the stores. To be fair, some of these things worked well. The Mary Kay and Avon systems worked the best and they weren't too pricey, considering. They still weren't great though. Proactive and the Costco brand were horrible. When I gave up wheat and then started the GAPS diet I saw my face clear up considerably...but then it started to come back. Needless to say, I was disappointed and frustrated! It's one thing to have pimples as a teenager, but I'm in my 30s, for goodness sake!

Then, one day, I spotted a pin on Pinterest that advocated the Oil Cleansing Method. I loved the idea of a natural, chemical-free, way to cleanse my skin, but I was pretty dubious. I'd been using the Clearskin for about two years and every. single. time. I neglected to use the cleanser I'd end up with horrible acne that would take a solid week to get under control.  I couldn't even imagine how bad my face would look if I gave up the cleanser altogether! However, I became convinced that since I was working hard to eat natural, healthy, chemical-free foods, I should avoid slathering chemicals on my skin, as well. You know, just to be consistent.

So I read this article on the Oil Cleansing Method, and this one too (complete with video). I decided that I'd tried everything short of visiting a dermatologist and my diet was as clean as it was going to get, so I jumped in. I purchased my castor oil from amazon.com and jojoba oil from Trader Joe's. The key is to get organic/food grade whenever possible.

So how did it work? Well, at first I did break out. I'd read that was normal and to press through it. So I did. I broke out badly along my jawline. It was awful for 2-3 weeks. But I really wanted to give this method a fair trial. Then I noticed that my jawline was clearing up! Buuuut, I broke out on my chin and around my mouth. Sigh. Then things started to normalize and I've been really pleased, lately, at how clear my skin looks. It's not perfect, but it's every bit as good as when I was using the expensive, chemical-filled stuff, so I'm happy! And my wallet is happy! It's not often that healthy products are actually cheaper than those that are chemical-laden, but this appears to be be one of the exceptions to the rule!

I usually follow this routine when I'm taking my detox bath so it's a bit like a little spa break in my day, which probably just about anyone could use! :)



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