I Tried it and I Liked it: Doughnuts

In preparing for a game night, I made two different batches of doughnuts. I was looking for something we would be able to eat and that would be enjoyed by our friends, too.

The first batch I tried is from Comfy Belly. These are made with coconut flour. I made up a pan of mini doughnuts and was bummed by the flat flavor. I added cocoa powder and increased the honey with the rest of the batter and those were more flavor-full. The vanilla doughnuts were more than edible, though. Actually, they were a very good breakfast because they were filling, but not too sweet. So they were good, just not "snack food" good.

The second batch I tried was from Roost blog. These doughnuts had a lot more flavor, but mini doughnuts were the wrong choice for this batter. They were a bit dry, even with a reduced cooking time. I salvaged the rest of the batter by adding some Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips and baking them as muffins instead. So good. My sister, who's not gf or on gaps ate two of them! These are what I ended up taking. No one actually ate any, but I can rest easy knowing that if they had they would have been wowed. :)


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