10 Weeks on GAPS: Still Holding On.

Wow. 10 weeks already!

Things continue to go well. I'm slowwwly doing better at doubling recipes and freezing the extra. Slowly. It's a simple thing that helps SO much.

Our health seems to be fine. Luke still occasionally needs Zyrtec. I cannot wait for that to not be the case.

My allergies have been much better. I think I went through a detox stage a while back. My face broke out again, my sinuses were a mess, but I stayed the course and I'm happy to say both have cleared back up and I haven't had to take any allergy meds for about 5 weeks.

We're all up to one Bio-Kult capsule at a time. I think I'll order just one more box so we can continue getting that probiotic for a while longer.

We continue to do well getting our probiotics in at every meal, but broth is hard. I hate the smell of the chicken. Once you add in the apple cider vinegar it just really gives the whole house a strong meat smell. I'm going to alternate bone broth and meat broth from here on out.

The boys are becoming more accustomed to our diet. They are quick to point out things they like when we're in the store, but they don't pester me about it or get upset anymore.

Really, the only thing we can do for now is keep on keeping on. There's not really anything new to introduce. We'll just take it nice and slow and see what happens!


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