I Tried it and I Liked it: Homemade Mayo

I was in a funk all day today and didn't feel like making dinner. I had yet another stock pot full of chicken on the stove and as I was pulling chicken off the carcass my mind drifted to chicken salad. Eureka! I searched the web and found this recipe:

Homemade Mayonnaise:
2 whole eggs
2 egg yolks
2 tsp dijon mustard
3 Tb lemon or lime juice
2 Tb raw whey, optional
1.5-2 c. sunflower oil, olive oil, or unrefined coconut oil (softened or melted)
1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt
pinch freshly ground pepper

If using an immersion blender, add all ingredients to cup or jar in the order listed. Then it is as simple as using the immersion blender, with gentle up-and-down strokes, until the mayo is well mixed and creamy. If using a food processor, add all ingredients except oil to food processor and pulse to combine. Then, while the machine is running, pour oil into dripper cup (the cup that allows one drop of oil at a time to be added). Process until well mixed and creamy.

I added dried cranberries and chopped almonds, upped the salt and served on romaine lettuce. Done. Fancy? No. Quick and filling? Yes. Hey, it's Saturday!

Notes: I used all olive oil. It was kind of olive-oily, but still pretty good. I used a smidge of regular mustard because I'd given our dijon away. The mayo was thick and creamy and I have plenty left over to use over the course of the next two weeks. Next time I'll use whey so that it keeps for even longer!


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