GAPS Diet: Lunch, Tomatoes, Coop, Broth, and Salad

Random updates....

I'm tired of cooking three full meals a day. I'm searching for quicker lunch options. I'm using the crockpot more, too. Today I mixed some ground beef with real salt, garlic powder, zucchini, and mashed avocado and am making hamburgers on the stove top. I'll serve that with soup. Not as fast as the sandwiches of yesteryear, but better than some of the things I was making. Also, we've made chicken salad several days which is nice and quick and is a great way to use up all of the chicken we have on hand.

I introduced tomatoes and that went over okay. No digestive problems, but the boys don't love them, either. Oh well. Maybe they'll like the homemade, fermented, ketchup I have to go with today's hamburgers? Here's hoping.

I joined a local coop and purchased the "produce basket" for $23. It's such a good value because you don't get to pick what comes in the basket. I'm pleased with everything I received. The only things we couldn't eat was the sweet potatoes which I'll pass on. Possibly the green peppers, too. There are 4 peppers and considering I'm the only one who'll eat them....

I've finally figured out that the best way to get the boys to eat their broth is to serve it to them plain. I kept trying to gussy it up to make it taste better and they hated it. They like to drink their broth and hate floaty things in it. So now I just serve it as-is after it's been strained. They still don't love it, but they are getting it down.

We've been eating a salad every day. Mixed greens, cucumber, and some tomato. Sometimes some shredded carrot, too. Nothing fancy. Ben and I have been enjoying the homemade Italian dressing, but the boys prefer to eat their salads plain! Whatever works!

Oh, and one more thing, I'm picking up a large order of grass-fed beef today. I'm very excited about it. Ben's been working hard to get the downstairs fridge set up and it's good to go. We'll be saving money and eating well. I cannot wait to try it out!


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