GAPS Diet: Hello, Week Four!

Today is the beginning of week 4! We're still at it!

Some recipes we've tried:

Carrot Coconut Cake from This was not our favorite. I will try it again, but I'll let the carrots and cashews really, really grind away in the blender. It was too chunky. Gabe hated it, Luke and I tolerated it, Ben kinda liked it.

Coconut Flour Waffles You need a hand mixer for these, coconut flour really clumps together. Otherwise we really enjoyed these waffles. I like her idea of using plain waffles for sandwiches. Genius! I see some waffle sandwiches in my future.

I also made a "salad" by using the peeler to shred zucchini and carrots and then I mixed in a large spoonful of homemade mayo and a splash of homemade Italian dressing. Yum! A good way to use up two plentiful veggies.

I made up some veggie burgers today for lunch. Lots of finely shredded carrot and zucchini mixed with onion, garlic, and spices. Yum. They went over well and stretched the meat nicely.

I ordered some organic white beans so we'll see how those go over. We need some more non-meat protein. I would love to see beans become a regular part of our diet!


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