GAPS Diet: Full Speed Ahead

I think I'm going to move to doing diet updates every couple of weeks or whenever something significant happens. We've pretty much settled into a routine. Luke is slowly phasing out of needing Zyrtec. My allergies have been horrible, but that could be due to "die-off" so I'm not concerned at this point. My skin is still clear. Gabe's skin is still bumpy, but it's not as dry as it was prior to the diet.

We'll continue slowly adding in new foods. The boys ate half a cup of homemade goat's milk yogurt - with fruit - yesterday and really liked it. I have a batch of goat's milk kefir culturing now. I can tell that our milk supply will be used up quickly so I'll probably introduce store-bought goat's milk before too long. I'll make kefir out of that to put cultures back in.

So far, my plan is to stay on full GAPS. I have no doubt we'll be on this diet a year or so. I'm not scared. We'll keep adding things back in and I doubt we'll even care much. I want to add in navy beans next. And tomatoes, peppers, raw onion, and coconut milk .

I've decided to keep baked goods and desserts to a minimum. We are such sweets junkies in this house, we just don't need to go back. I did purchase some coconut flour and we get almond flour from Trader Joe's but I don't plan on making regular treats. I want to keep veggies, meats, and bone broths the center of our diet with fruits, nuts and yogurt/kefir for snacks. At the end of the first week we had our cake and ice cream and it turns out we'll be having that at the end of this week as well, and I think that's just about perfect timing. Honestly, the boys don't care, which is an amazing blessing. If they are happy with fruits and nuts for snacks then why mess with perfection?!


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