GAPS Diet: Day Seven

I didn't get around to blogging about day 6, but I guess it was a pretty uneventful day so nothing was missed.

We've been feeling better overall. They boys no longer nap and sleep well at night. Luke was able to go two nights without any allergy meds. He did need some last night but we are going to try and gradually wean him. The boys still struggle with the broth/soup at lunch, but are getting it down, so that's good.

Day 7 was a crummy day for me. We made it to karate just fine, picked up an iced coffee on the way home and it all went downhill from there. It was just coffee and ice, but it gave me heartburn and I felt crummy the rest of the day. Pretty well stuck to soup. Just before bed I happened to read that coffee can be bad for people who can't have wheat. In some people, coffee proteins look like wheat proteins so your body will attack and create histamine. I love coffee and will never be convinced it's evil like some would have us believe, but I'm staying away from it for a while. Just in case.

We're up to about half a tablespoon of kraut juice at every meal. Broth is just once a day. Ben and I will usually have some extra broth as a snack. I've been using the recipes at to give me ideas on what to cook. Not everything on there is actually GAPS legal, but it's still a great resource.

Proud to say we've finished our first week on GAPS!


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