GAPS Diet: Day 9

My allergies have been horrible lately. Didn't sleep well and dragged around most of the day. Helped my mom unpack all evening and allergies were worse than ever. Both Luke and I had allergy trouble after being there last time. I'm thinking we're kicking up a lot of dust going through boxes and wiping things down. I hate to leave my mom hanging, but I may have to take a break on helping her for a week or so. I need sleep!

Bio-Kult came in so I can start giving it to the boys tomorrow. I wasn't going to purchase any probiotics or enzymes, but since we weren't able to do lots of broth as long as I wanted I decided to add this one product.

Ben did mention that Luke had to have more Zyrtec and that he was having a bit of a problem breathing....hmmm. I'll keep an eye on that and investigate further. Ben and the boys did have fish for the first time tonight, but the difficulties started before dinner. My guess is either the ghee or the apples. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


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