GAPS Diet: Day 8

Today was a good day. Plenty of energy! I made up some applesauce to keep handy for snacks. It was very discouraging to see how all those apples cook down though. Sigh.

Ben and I got to go out by ourselves for a bit. No tasty treats for us, but he did have a coffee and I had an herbal tea. Better than nothing!

I started adding some of the actual sauerkraut into our soups. It's a nice addition to the blandness. I also started to add a little bit of cold-pressed olive oil on our veggies at dinner. The boys didn't complain a bit, thankfully.

I also decided to bake a "bread" with eggs, almond flour, bananas, and coconut oil. It turned out really well and the boys were over the moon about it! With our yeast overgrowth issues and their pickiness I'm not going to be making things like that often, but it's nice to know we can have a little treat sometimes.


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