GAPS Diet Day 14: Two Weeks!

It's been two weeks since we started the diet and we're still alive! Alive and thriving, in fact!

My goals for the next few days are to replenish our stocks and cook up a bunch of food to freeze. Over two weeks time a lot of things have become easier, but all the time I spend in the kitchen is not one of them. Throw in a a really busy day and forget it! I've always thought freezer meals are a good idea, but now I'm beginning to see them as a necessity. We literally have no other options. I cook or we starve. End of story!

I'll be working on:

Spaghetti sauce

I'm also working on finding meat locally. I'm currently corresponding with someone about whole chickens and grass-fed beef. Luckily we have an extra refrigerator/freezer. I'm hoping to be able to store 2 mo worth at a time.

One other project is to find other veggies to ferment. I like the idea of pickles. That would be easy enough. I purchased a bag of broccoli slaw mix at Trader Joe's and we haven't been thrilled with that ferment. We love broccoli in this house, but not in ferment form. Cabbage and carrot was so much better.

Oh, one other thing; juicing. We started with carrot and apple juice and then realized raw apple aggravates Luke's allergies so that came grinding to a halt. I know there are other fruit/veggie combos out there but I just need to track them down.

Hmm...looks like I have enough to keep my busy for about another 2 weeks! :)


  1. Cauliflower pickles very well. I hear beets do, too, but I've only had them canned.

    I've heard you can check with your local(ish) meat locker to see about meat that hasn't been picked up after butchering - you can sometimes get a good deal that way (though in some areas it's illegal for them to resell).


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