GAPS Diet Day 11: Breathing Easy

I feel like we've crossed some threshold. Knock on wood. We all have good energy. The boys are still struggling with eating broth, but they will gladly eat just about anything else I put in front of them. We don't have any cravings. We don't look wistfully at every fast food joint we pass. Ben and I have both lost weight and aside from those first 4-6 days, we haven't felt like we want to gnaw our own arms off. I think we are at peace.

Celebrating Ben's birthday with cake and ice cream has shown us that we will be just fine on this diet. We will not be deprived. God has provided so many good and healthy things for us to eat. We can enjoy food and be healthy. We've eaten so many new things that we wouldn't have given the time of day just two weeks ago. And we've enjoyed them!

I'm looking forward to incorporating more foods and hopefully getting to the point where we can increase the amount of broth we eat per day. I feel like we have lots to look forward to and I'm excited to see where our food adventure takes us!


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