GAPS Diet Day 10: Follow-up on Luke's Allergies

I'm pretty sure it was the apples that were aggravating Luke's allergies. I kept him away from apples all day and gave him eggs for bedtime snack with the promise that he can have pears tomorrow. I guess I'll need to add in a few other fruits for him. He was feeling so much better that I didn't even have to give him Zyrtec at bedtime. After looking around online, I found a bunch of sources that talk about food-pollen allergy syndrome. This is where your body thinks that certain food are actually something else. People who are allergic to oak may have trouble with apples (and others). People who are allergic to ragweed may have trouble with bananas (and others). Huh, sounds a lot like the coffee/gluten thing I was reading about just a few nights ago. So, no apples for Luke for a while! As yummy as they are, they aren't worth a wheezy boy!


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