GAPS Diet: Banana-Kiwi Kefir Popsicle

I read a blurb somewhere that probiotics become dormant while frozen, but aren't damaged. Since kefir grains can effectively be frozen, then thawed and used later, this made sense to me. I decided to use up the abundance of kefir and fruit I have on hand an make popsicles for the boys. I blended three kiwis, one banana, and kefir together and then pored it into these molds.

[caption id="attachment_861" align="aligncenter" width="169"] Banana + Kefir + Kiwi = Yum![/caption]

Luke loved it! Gabe said it wasn't that good...but then proceeded to eat the entire the worst thing he's ever had apparently! I liked it too and am looking forward to trying various fruits. Peach? Pineapple? Strawberry?


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