GAPS Meals We Like

For my own records.

Grain-free pancakes: Blended shredded zucchini, eggs, a few tablespoons of avocado, and almond butter in blender. Sauteed in ghee. Served with GAPS approved sausage patties.

Chicken Patties: Mixed minced chicken with eggs, avocado, salt, and Italian herbs. Sauteed in ghee. Served with greenbeans sauteed in coconut oil and a few bits of sausage from breakfast, and pureed squash soup with 1 tsp homemade yogurt and bone broth.

Spaghetti and Meatballs: Made hamburger meatballs with ground beef, salt, and herbs. Served with spaghetti squash. Made a sauce by simmering carrot dices, zucchini dices, minced garlic, and beet dices until soft. Blended in the blender and simmered until thickened. Favorite meal so far!


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