GAPS Intro Diet: Stage One, Day One

If you have yet to hear of the GAPS diet you can find out more on their website You can also purchase the book through their store.

How you get to the point of the entry diet is up to you. I started by introducing some of the "weirder" foods, little by little. I made up a batch of sauerkraut and started having the boys drink a tablespoon of the liquid with dinner while hubby and I had a quarter cup of the actual kraut. I also have been making bone broths about one a week so that I could make soups and add the stock to things like rice and quinoa. I've also been gradually phasing out certain foods that I know we won't be eating for a long time. Processed foods and snacks, mainly.

In addition to those things, I've also been talking about the diet a lot; what it could do for us. Maybe no more food allergies, maybe no more cavities. Seems like a small trade-off in comparison.

So, how did Day One go? I won't mince words. It was awful. Both boys threw up. We all felt like we'd come down with the flu. The boys drank some broth, but not as much as I would have liked. My oldest son took a long nap, which he hasn't done in five years. So...yeah. I know some people can do GAPS with little or no "die-off" symptoms, but we are miserable over here. However, there are no terrible symptoms, either everyone has been tolerating their soup and mushy veggies very well.

I guess the only thing to do is to put our heads down and power through it!!


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