GAPS Diet: Day Two

We are through Day Two! I'll admit, we cheated already. Not with non-GAPS food, but with the "pancakes" you aren't supposed to introduce until stage two. I'm having a hard time getting the boys to eat anything and while I refuse to cave in and give them any junk - or even non-GAPS food - I want them to be able to eat something. I was able to get some broth into them by alternating with bites of pancake. Better than nothing.

Our fatigue is still pretty awful. We're just hanging around. Staring off into space, taking lots of naps. Gabe napped 3 times. And was asking to go to bed on time. Poor kid. Luke had no naps and has the most energy of all of us, which is interesting because he is the one with the most food allergies. He however does not have the yeast overgrowth we do, so maybe that's why he's doing so much better.

I made some ghee for the first time and made up some yoghurt. Both should be ready tomorrow, but I'll start with the ghee and hold off on the yoghurt for a few more days. I just wanted to see how it comes out and make sure it's ready to go for when we start on it.

Looking forward to Day Three and progressing a bit!


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