GAPS Diet: Day Three

Day Three started out terribly for me. I woke up feeling nauseous and weak.Made breakfast, but couldn't really eat until about 11. It was time to start adding raw egg yolk to our soup and the thought was just about gagging me. Tried it out on Ben and he didn't even realize anything was different. Tried it myself and it was no big deal at all. Quick tip: get as much egg white separated out as possible because it's slimy and gross raw. Gag.

The boys were still fighting the broth tooth and nail. Decided to add a bunch of really well-cooked broccoli and puree it all together. I also added some simple herbs and some salt. So. Much. Better. It was still hard to get anything down them. Gabe had some success with slurping it with a straw. We also found that it helps to alternate. One quick slurp of soup, bite of veggie, one sip of water, repeat. Gabe was still gagging, but was doing better about keeping stuff down. Both boys were eating very little. I kept hopping online and reading about picky eaters who didn't eat much the first 2-3 days and then couldn't get enough. Holding out hope that will be us.

Boys finished the day feeling pretty tired. I felt pretty darn good and even went grocery shopping. Ben has been complaining of extreme hunger, but otherwise he's well. Did another round of detox baths and called it a day. Three days down!!


  1. What is involved in the detox baths?

  2. Half a cup of baking soda OR half a cup of Epsom salts OR half a cup of raw apple cider vinegar. Sit in bath 20 to 30 minutes. Some people say you can get good results with just any of those components in a 30-minute foot bath, but I haven't tried it.

  3. I think so! I take my baths right before bed and sleep like a log!


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