GAPS Diet: Day Four

The first half of today was horrible, but ended on a good note.

Both boys have lost weight. They were both lethargic. Still not eating much. I bribed with gifts, video game time, etc. Threats, reasoning, tears. Nothing was happening. I was feeling like we were in a downward spiral; boys not wanting to eat, getting weak, becoming crabby, then reallly not wanting to eat, becoming see where this is going. I fired off an email to a GAPS mom who I purchase goat's milk from. And I did a lot of praying. I didn't want to throw in the towel and wonder if victory was just one day or one meal off. But I didn't want the boys to lose anymore weight...or worse. Called up my mama and she listened patiently while I explained the history of the diet, why I thought it would help, and what was happening. She advised that maybe I was pushing to hard to make the intro work and that I should maybe move along on the diet. Not give up, but just compromise a bit to get the boys eating. As I listened, I felt a peace. I heated up some chicken, some broccoli, and some squash and had the boys eat that - no soup in sight. They were greatly relieved and ate up pretty well.

We got out of the house to spend the evening with my mom and while Gabe was still tired and clingy, Luke played outside with my sister and niece. They went to bed without complaining and I realized that neither boy had thrown up at all. Yay!

So, for now, we are off the serious intro phases. I'm still going to up our sauerkraut juice and ghee, little by little. I'll incorporate the bone broth into soups which I'll still make them eat with one or two meals a day. And soon I'll start introducing the homemade yogurt, day by day. I'm sticking to non sweet stuff as much as possible while allowing some "better" carbs so we get the carbs we need. And I'm still determined to keep everything GAPS legal; no processed crap for a long, long time. We'll just take it step by step, see how things go, and do what we can.


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