Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

Gabe's birthday is looming on the horizon. We aren't doing big parties anymore so I feel like I can put more time and effort into the party instead of spending all the money on goody bags!

One of these will be printed up and put in a frame:

I'm going to be using this printable Marauder's Map for the invites: It's free and so very cool!

We'll be hitting up the thrift store for a HP book or two to make this cute-yet-cheap banner.

Instead of a fancy cake, I'm going to give everyone a plain cupcake and let them decorate their own. I'm thinking I'll set up a "potions" area where all the sprinkles, candies, etc, are with a sign that reads "pick your poison". Tee hee.

Last, but not least, we'll serve some type of butter beer. Still looking for the perfect recipe.


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