Faux Wainscoating

I've been drooling over some faux wainscoating for a couple of months now. I first saw this blog post and fell hard. I love the dark gray on the walls - the exact color I want throughout our house (aside from the few rooms I've painted and the red in the kitchen). Then I saw this blog post and was finally inspired to plow ahead. Our total came out to be much more than the $35 she posted, but it was still under a hundred dollars and made a lot of impact.

Here's the before:
[caption id="attachment_607" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Boooooring."][/caption]

And here's the after:
[caption id="attachment_608" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Yay!"][/caption]

The picture will eventually be replaced by some other, homemade, artwork, but at least there's some color.

We love how this turned out because we have a small home, with a very open floor plan. Walls would really make everything cramped, but there's also not much definition of each space. Now I feel like the dining "room" stands on it's own a bit.


  1. Very nice! I like it! I have to admit, I looked at her blog post first before your pics and thought, "EW! I liked the low stuff much better!" But I think it looks really nice in your pics - especially encasing it in the open floor plan thing. That's how our second house in OR was, and while I loved it, I used to think "how in the world would we paint this if it weren't rental white - it's all continuous wall!

  2. I think it works well with our vaulted ceiling. There was just so much darn wall!


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