You Are Loved

I wrote this in Luke's journal today and felt compelled to share it. Maybe someone else needs to hear this simple message.

Sweet Luke,

I love you, Bubby. I just wanted to let you know that today. I think Satan gains ground when he's able to convince us that we are not valued and loved. Fight this with everything you have - call on God to protect and defend your heart. Read the TRUTH to remind you.

You are loved by imperfect parents, grandparents, and many others. Our love - or lack of it - should never distract you from a greater truth... are loved by an almighty, everlasting God.

He shaped mountains, put the stars in their place, and numbered every grain of sand...

...and he loves you.

Not with a weak, imperfect, human love, but with a fierce, never-ending, deeply sacrificial love which no water can quench.

God is with you always. He's never distracted, never too busy, never bored, never tired.

He longs for you to know him and share in his plan. The God of the universe wants to give you a place and an inheritance in his kingdom.

Never doubt his love.

- Mom


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