Christmas Cookie Roll Call

I was too lazy to take pictures, but here's a breakdown of the goodies I made for Christmas:

Pretzel rods covered in almond bark
French Bread
Peppermint Oreos
Chocolate covered Ritz crackers with PB sandwiched in between
Biscotti: this was made with my freshly ground flour and then coated in almond bark. SO GOOD.
Popularity Cookies
Sugar Cookie Glaze: used with a cookie mix
Cake balls: my favorites were a combo of white cake, cherry frosting, covered in chocolate almond bark.
Strawberry Soup.
And a half batch of Cinnamon Rolls. I didn't have maple flavoring so I decided to use imitation rum flavoring. They got good reviews, but I like the traditional taste best so next time I'll just use the coffee and vanilla.

I think that about sums it up. I used to make up tons of cookies so this is scaled back quite a bit, but we don't have to take a big batch of cookies to church for Christmas Eve so it all evened out!


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