I was introduced to sucanat by Karen and started using it, with no problems, in my baking. I really like the flavor and the fact that it's not stripped of all the minerals and good stuff the way white sugar is. I read that sucanat can be used in place of brown or white sugar with no problems, but this is not always so! I now know, from firsthand experience that sucanat cannot be used to make kettle corn, and it cannot be used in the brown sugar meatloaf recipe! In kettle corn, the sucanat just became a thick caramel. The popcorn wouldn't even pop and it had to be scraped out of the pan, into the trash. As for the meatloaf, the sugar is placed on the bottom, with ketchup on top, and then the meatloaf. The sucanat must burn more easily than brown sugar because the meat on the sides was burnt. Everything on the inside was fine, but the sides had to be tossed.

But never fear, the experimentation will continue!


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