Weekly Updates: 9/18/2011-9/24/2011

On Friday we left early for Indiana. Back in February, we'd purchased a Living Social deal for an indoor water park in Indiana. Our drive up went smoothly and we were at the hotel after dinner. I LOVED driving through the Indiana countryside; quaint farmhouses and Amish buggies in every direction. We dropped our luggage off in our room and then suited up for the water park. We lasted about an hour and a half before calling it quits. There was plenty to do, but the water was freezing and the boys were reluctant to go on half of the slides.

Breakfast on Saturday was really good - probably the best hotel breakfast I've ever had! We ate, then packed up the van. The boys decided to forgo the water park and play arcade games instead. They never get to play games like that so they really, really enjoyed themselves. We spent the next few hours checking out the local stores. The boys browsed a toy store, Ben purchased kettle corn from a vender, and then we dropped by an Amish bulk foods store. I purchased a few things, and came away wishing I'd bought more. Their prices were awesome. We finished up our time in IN by eating at an Amish-inspired restaurant. We were stuffed!

After lunch, we hit the road again. We made great time to Illinois, checked into our hotel room and then decided we might as well head over to IKEA since it was still early. With list in hand, we were able to find and get everything we needed in a little over an hour and then we ate in the IKEA cafeteria.

was spent sleeping in, checking out, and then driving home. It was nice to arrive home early in the day; we always seem to get home late and so arrive tired and grumpy. We actually had time to unload the van, unpack, and put everything away! Productive!


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