Weekly Update: 10/2/2011-10/9/2011

The week was pretty boring; we saved all our doings for the weekend, I guess. On Friday we had a another bonfire/camp-out. There was food aplenty and we didn't get to bed until at least 12:30/1:00. Good times. The weather here was amazing. It was plenty warm during the day as we were setting up, but it cooled off enough to make the fire enjoyable. We cooked breakfast over the fire in the morning. It was a lot of work - and took three people - but we enjoyed ourselves. We then all suited up and trekked through our woods and hung out in the creek bed. We found out where the mooing is coming from! There is a pasture that borders our property and there are about 15ish cows back there! I'm glad to know we aren't crazy!

We had leftovers/snacks for lunch and then we cleaned up, packed up, and everyone went home. We were spent! My allergies were terrible all night so we didn't make it to church on Sunday. We lounged around until after lunch. Then we went to Lowe's to pick up vermiculite and peat moss. Ben's mom met us there and took the boys home with her for the evening. Ben and I went home and got to work filling three 6x4x1 beds with equal parts vermiculite, peat moss, and compost. We were dirty and SO exhausted when we were finished....then we had to put away our tools, wash out the truck, clean up, and pick up our boys! I slept pretty well that night!


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