Weekly Update: 9/11/11-917/11

On Sunday, Ben and I helped with Sunday school. I've been serving in the 2 year old class, but it was time for a change and Ben offered to help, too. Now we are helping with the 1st-5th graders - and we really love it!

We headed up to Wentzville on Wednesday to tour the GM plant that Ben's brother works at. It was actually pretty interesting and the boys seemed entertained by it. Unfortunately, it was a super cold and rainy day and traffic was crummy on the way back.

Our Texas friends, Brandon, Erin, and Jeremy ate dinner with us. Jeremy headed home and Brandon and Erin unloaded all of their stuff so they could stay until Saturday.

Erin and I got a little thrift store shopping in on Thursday and Friday. I'll have to upload pictures of some of my cool finds.

Friday night was a blast. We invited another family over for a potluck dinner and we sat outside around the bonfire. The kids ran around for HOURS and totally wore themselves out. Even so, everyone stayed until after 10 - it was just a good time. We then packed up the boys and drove them out to my sister so they could stay the night there.They were so excited!

Since the boys were away, that means we actually got to sleep in on Saturday. Brandon and Erin left early so Ben and I got up and got a few projects done. I'd painted an old table and stools, to be placed in the boys room, but we needed to cut the legs down to make them more kid-friendly. Ben made the cuts, I sanded and did paint touch-ups, and then we loaded everything into their room. I cleaned the house, ran to the grocery store, and then waited for my friends to arrive for girl's night. Three of the girls from my wedding party, who had been good friends of mine long ago, decided that it was high time we got together. They arrived at 6 and we didn't stop talking until after midnight. The hours flew by! It was decided we needed to make it a quarterly event. There's nothing better than catching up with old/good friends!


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